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Thickers are 3D letter stickers available from scrapbooking and craft stores like Spotlight. They come in many different fonts, colours and textures and I thought they might make flash cards more fun and interactive.

Things you need: Thickers (raised letter stickers), scissors, template plastic, a little box to keep them in

Cut the template plastic into large flash card size pieces. We are using the plastic so the Thickers (which are not cheap) can be used again and again. Give the template plastic flash cards to the kids with a selection of Thickers. They can practise their sight words while creating the cards, then use them as 3D flash cards afterwards. Once you know these words, you can simply peel off the stickers and create a new set.

What the Junior Editors say: Really fun to do  8/10 
Thickers are really fun and will really help kids everywhere 9/10

#2 Scratchie cards

This one uses the technique from our Secrets Issue to make your own sight word scratchies. As you scratch and reveal the word, see how fast you can recognise it. It’s easy to make a big sheet of the gold covering and make lots of these at once. The full tutorial is in The Secrets Issue.  

What the Junior Editors say: Super fun 9/10 
It will be the next big thing to help kids learn sight words 10/10

#3 Wearable sight words

We used letter beads to make bracelets of our sight words. Learning happens when you’re making them and then you can wear them and they can act as a prompt to practice the weeks sight words.

What the Junior Editors say: Really fun and pretty 9/10 
They will be the new fashion for schools — sight word fashionistas!!  10/10